continues to be a hot topic of conversation. The rapper-turned-federal informant spent the better part of a year behind bars as he worked out his testimony against his former Nine Trey Gansta Bloods associates, and while they all serve out their lengthy sentences behind bars, 6ix9ine is enjoying his musical comeback now that he’s been released. While with his single “GOOBA,” not everyone is welcoming him home with open arms. , Ice-T, , and many others have disapproved, including who wants nothing to do with 6ix9ine.

“Anybody who’s somebody with a pair of eyes coulda knew that little n*gga was gon’ rat,” Benny The Butcher said. “He’s a rat. He don’t deserve to be out. He don’t deserve nothin’. He’s a rat. I was just talkin’ ’bout my n*ggas, the numbers that they got and nobody told nothing…He’s a f*ckin’ rat. He’s a disgrace.”

“He told and give information on people that he was around who, they thought of each other as friends,” the rapper added. Vlad spoke about other cases and then asked Benny if he thinks . “To be honest with you man, I don’t even care to talk about that rat ass n*gga. Imma be honest with you, man… He gon’ get enough publicity… Of course people gon’ go stream his music ’cause they don’t live off the same type of morals that we took an oath to. He gon’ do what he do. The world that I live in and the cloth that I’m cut from, he know what he deserve.”

He added that i he’d just throw his phone away. Watch the clip of the interview with Benny The Butcher below.