When sneakerheads found out that , they were very excited, to say the least. Ben & Jerry’s is one of the biggest ice cream companies in the world and they have some pretty iconic flavors. The name of the shoe was “Chunky Dunky” and yesterday, the sneaker was released to the world in very limited quantities. Due to the scarcity of the shoe, fans were frantically trying to cop but as many realized, it was almost impossible to secure a pair.

Those who did get a pair either sold them on the resale market or immediately put them on their feet. Others, however, decided to get a little too corny for social media. For instance, in the clip below, a sneaker shop owner Hikmet Sugoer can be seen filling his pair with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and then eating out of them like it’s a bowl.

This clip has been circulating on social media over the last couple of days and it has rightfully been getting some flack. Simply put, this behavior is pretty corny especially when you consider how many people wanted these for genuine reasons. It’s exactly like when that YouTuber who shall remain nameless decided to fill his Supreme Air Force 1’s with milk and then ate Supreme Oreos out of them.

Either way, hopefully, you guys find a better use for these than this man did.