Beastie Boys “ULTIMATES” action figures inspired by “Sabotage” announced

New Beastie Boys action figures are on the way from Super7. Their super-detailed ULTIMATES! figures are highly articulated and stand 7″ tall, with interchangeable heads and hands, and lots of accessories. The Beastie Boys ULTIMATES! figures are inspired by their classic ’70s cop show-parodying video for “Sabotage,” which was directed by Spike Jonze.

MCA (playing Nathan Wind as Cochese) comes with a CB radio, a pair of handcuffs, a bomb, and a nightstick; Ad-Rock (playing Vic Colfari as Bobby, “The Rookie”) comes with a briefcase of money, a coffee cup, a donut, and a walkie talkie; and Mike D (playing Alasondro Alegré as “The Chief”) comes with a cop car light, a walkie talkie, a pair of binoculars, a megaphone, and an axe. Take a closer look at each figure below, and pre-order yours here.

Also available are “Intergalactic”-inspired robot and squid monster figures.

MCA “Sabotage” ULTIMATES! Figure
Ad-Rock “Sabotage” ULTIMATES! Figure
Mike D
Mike D “Sabotage” ULTIMATES! Figure

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