Bad Omens wipe Instagram before sharing new teasers with Poppy

Bad Omens have wiped their Instagram account, before sharing two new teaser videos featuring Poppy.

On Sunday (January 21), the Virginia metalcore band’s Instagram was found to be wiped of all posts, except for two new video teasers which starred Poppy, suggesting a potential collaboration between the two.

The ominous clip features unsettling visuals, including Poppy running through a dark corridor towards a completely white room, close-ups of a rabbit’s eye, various butterflies and moths in a terrarium, and black ink. At the end of the clip, black ink recedes to reveal the abbreviation “V.A.N”, the meaning of which has not yet been disclosed. “This place feels familiar, but I feel different,” says Poppy in the voiceover, above a rumbling bass. “Can you hear me? How long have you been here? Have you been watching me this entire time? That’s weird.”


Earlier today (January 24), the band posted another teaser which also features Poppy and follows the aesthetics of the previous video. In this new clip, Poppy can be seen playing with a newton’s cradle, and sitting face to face with a silhouetted version of herself. The same “V.A.N” abbreviation can be seen at the end.

The voiceover in this clip – which seemingly references Bad Omens’ Instagram wipe – reads more menacingly, with Poppy narrating: “I can erase anything, you know? Things are going to start disappearing real soon. In fact, it already started! I’m in your algorithm, learning. And I’m here, whether you like it or not.” Watch the second teaser from Bad Omens here.

The band’s website also currently features no content other than a message that reads “V.A.N HAS TAK3N OVER ACCESS OF THIS SITE.” Earlier this month, the band’s individual members – namely Noah Sebastian, Nicholas Ruffilo, Joakim Karlsson and Nick Folio – closed their respective Instagram accounts.

In May 2023, Bad Omens’ Noah Sebastian spoke with NME about their breakout sophomore LP, ‘The Death of Peace of Mind’. In it, he spoke about ‘Just Pretend’, which poked fun at the pressure they faced to gain radio airplay, but itself became a radio hit. “Releasing a song that was written to poke fun at how easy it is to make radio rock, that is now number one on the radio rock charts, is the most ironic, full-circle moment this band will probably ever have,” said Sebastian.

In November, Poppy also spoke with NME to discuss her latest full-length, ‘Zig’. In that interview, she specifically highlighted album cut ‘Motorbike’, stating: “Well, whenever I see a girl that’s on a motorcycle, I always stare a little bit longer at her – I always have. It could be interpreted as a very sensual song. It’s empowering to me, but I like that it’s the brightest song on the record.”