It’s been quite a few days for . Following Lana Del Rey’s controversial remarks, Azealia stepped forward to reignite her beef with the singer. also caught the wrath of Azealia Banks over a song or two, , and when ‘s scandal broke, it was the Hot Pink artist’s turn. Videos of Doja in chat rooms using explicit, racist language and making disparaging remarks about black people began to circulate, and it didn’t take long for the sleuths to find old tweets where she spoke negatively about marginalized groups of people.

Azealia Banks Calls Out Ebro Darden For His Comments About Doja Cat
Cooper Neill / Stringer / Getty Images

Tens of thousands of people have weighed in about ‘s comments, and it didn’t take long for her to become the target of Cancel Culture. Ebro Darden offered a suggestion in lieu of canceling Doja,about her blackness. Azealia Banks wanted to parts of that and blasted the popular host.

“Instead of canceling Doja Cat for having some weird fetish and identity issues,” Ebro began. “Possible to uplift her and show her that being Black is beautiful?  in her suburban wasteland and her white Mom couldn’t help her. And chat rooms.” Azealia responded, “Where the f*ck was this sympathy for me n*gga?” she wrote. “Old high yellow jiffy pop cornbread looking n*ggas stick together I see.” Check it out below.