may be known for running her mouth on several occasions, but this time, she’s remaining tight-lipped—well, sort of. Last week,  in which she called out the industry’s double standards and denounced the unfair criticism she’s received for her lyrical content, all the while  The letter received a massive wave of backlash, as many called out Lana for her racism and overall tone-deaf behaviour. However, , which just led to even more outrage.

Azealia Banks Addresses Lana Del Rey Drama In Her Own WayMike Coppola/Getty Images

All the while, , relishing in the satisfaction that she appeared to have been right about the songstress all along. Although Azealia has been involved in a number of feuds with many different people (and a few countries), her beef with Lana was one of the more high profile cases, especially since the two of them used to be buddies.

Azealia Banks Addresses Lana Del Rey Drama In Her Own WayKevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

On Saturday (May 23rd), after , Azealia posted a photo of herself looking at her phone with a far-from-surprised look on her face. In the caption of the IG post, she wrote, “Watching it all unfold.” It looks like this was Azealia’s way of saying “See? I told you so!”