Armand Hammer share song ft. Benjamin Booker, doing ‘BLK LBL’ pop-ups in NY & LA; woods opening for Amen Dunes

Armand Hammer (aka billy woods and ELUCID) have just released “Doves,” a bonus track from last year’s excellent We Buy Diabetic Test Strips. It’s a collaboration with Benjamin Booker, who begins the nearly-nine-minute song on his own with his delicate guitar playing and soulful vocals, and eventually woods and ELUCID add in their own iconic rapping styles, without ever bringing in a drum beat. The song was co-produced by Benjamin and Kenny Segal, and it comes with a video directed that was filmed in New York during a snowy January. Director Ryosuke Tanzawa says:

Sage Elsseser, also known as Navy Blue, connected me with Woods last year, and I was very much looking forward to doing a video for Armand Hammer (Tabula Rasa & Stone Fruit are important tracks me) but I never expected something 9 minutes long, with basically everything…it’s quiet and loud, intimate and vast, beautiful and ugly – all of those things in one. I was a bit intimidated by the scale of the track at first and asked Woods to give me some time to think about whether I would be the right director for the project. When I went through my archive of black and white photos and started testing them out, laying them over the singing parts of the track, I felt like ok — this is going to work. So I called Woods and told him I wanted to do it. It turns out we had more or less the same idea of where and how to film him and Elucid. In the end, me and my producer Sean, with an arsenal of cameras from super 8 to iphone, shot it over the course of 3 days on a snowy January week.

Check it out below.

When Armand Hammer toured earlier this year, they released a vinyl-only, tour-only album called BLK LBL, and now you’ve got another chance to pick the record. The duo are hosting BLK LBL vinyl pop-ups happening in NYC on Friday (3/1) and LA on Sunday (3/3). The NYC pop-up goes down from 6-7 PM at 8 Greene St.

Armand Hammer also have more upcoming shows an festival appearances, and billy woods is opening the NYC stop of Amen Dunestour on May 15 at Brooklyn Steel. That appears to be a one-off for woods but you can check out all Armand Hammer dates listed below.

billy woods and Kenny Segal also released an excellent new album last year, Maps.

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Armand Hammer — 2024 Tour Dates
3/1 – New York, NY – BLK LBL pop up (8 Greene St)
3/3 – Los Angeles, CA – BLK LBL pop up
3/6 – Mexico City, MX @ Pitchfork Festival Mexico City
3/20 – Boise, ID @ Treefort Festival
3/23 – Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival
4/5 – Iowa City, IA @ Mission Creek Festival
4/6 – Kansas City, KS @ Record Bar
4/7 – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway
5/28 – Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera Sound Festival
6/13 – Helsinki, Norway @ Sideways Festival
6/16 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Festival
7/26 – Suffolk, England @ Latitude Fest
7/27 – Brno, Czech Republic @ Festival Pop Messe