Are John and Jane dead in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’?

**Major spoilers for the ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ finale below**

Mr. & Mrs. Smith has just landed on Amazon Prime Video, a new mini-series adaptation of the blockbuster 2005 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie film.

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine star as the two title characters, who operate as an undercover married couple while working for a mysterious spy agency. The series has been created by Glover, alongside Atlanta writer Francesco Sloane.


Check out the trailer for the show below.

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The extended cast also includes Paul Dano, Parker Posey, John Turturro, Ron Perlman, Michaela Coel, Eiza Gonzalez, Alexander Skarsgard, Sharon Horgan and Sarah Paulson.

All eight episodes of the show arrived on Prime Video on February 2, having been delayed from its originally-planned 2023 release due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes last year.

The role of Mrs. Smith was originally set to be portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, but the Fleabag creator departed from the project in September 2021. She had originally signed on to co-star and executive produce alongside Glover, but left over creative differences. Waller-Bridge said of her departure that creative projects are “like a marriage” and that “some marriages don’t work out”.

Are John and Jane dead in ‘Mr And Mrs Smith’?

Unlike the plot of the 2005 film, where Pitt and Jolie’s characters do not initially realise they are spies from competing agencies, this series finds Glover and Erskine’s characters as two spies working together, under the guise of a married couple.


As the season unfurls, their invented feelings grow into real ones, and they learn to love each other as husband and wife. But as soon as they profess those feelings out loud, they begin to grow tired of each other – and in the latter episodes attend marriage counselling sessions which culminate in John and Jane deciding to go their separate ways.

Unfortunately, having failed the maximum number of missions (three) allowed, the mysterious spy agency that employs them demands each murder the other. They fail to do this too, deciding to get back together and have children instead, and another “super-high-risk” John (Wagner Moura) and Jane (Parker Posey) – so-called because of the assignments they take on – turn up at their house to dispose of them.

They succeed in killing super-high-risk John, but John (Glover) is shot in the struggle and Jane drags him to the panic room they have installed in their house for emergencies – the new super-high-risk Jane stuck outside and unable to break in. The season ends with an external shot of the house, and the sound of three gunshots as, presumably, Jane (Erskine) unlocks the door and tries to fight her way out. It is unclear if John (Glover) is left to bleed out and Jane escapes, or if they succeed in killing the new Jane and surviving together. It is also possible, of course, that super-high-risk Jane manages to exterminate them both. Prime Video have not confirmed any details of a second season yet, so we may never get a reliable answer. If there is a second season of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it is very unlikely that either of the two leads would not survive to bicker another day.