Anthony Wexler Talks About His Relationship With God In New Single “Fragile”

Anthony Wexler talks about his relationship with god on his newly released single “Fragile.” The American artist, singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist displays a beautifully poetic song in which he reveals how god helped him overcome a difficult period of his life, when everything seemed fragile regarding his mental health. 

Wexler struggled with bi-polar disorder for years. Spirituality and music seem to have been crucial elements for him to be able to transform his pain into sublime art. Both a singer-songwriter and a guitarist, Anthony Wexler is a versatile soul who masters to perfection the crafts he dedicates his time and energy to. 

Finding inspiration in artists’ like John Mayer and Andy McKee, he then uses these influences to form his own signature style, a mix of pop and soft rock, executed brilliantly throughout his new single, “Fragile.” If you haven’t yet, make sure to stream this incredibly talented artist’s new work!