Amaarae: “Co-Star”

Revealing your birth chart can make you feel as exposed as if your Social Security number leaked. Amaarae’s not here to judge—ok, well maybe just a little bit. On “Co-Star,” a new single named after the ubiquitous astrology app, she sniffs out sexual prospects by sign. “Me and her felt like threesomes/Must be Geminis,” she sings with a wink; as far as she’s concerned, the more the merrier. Under the spell of her seductive, airy vocals, you won’t even realize that she read you for filth until you’re home: “Maybe you’re a sag, you nag, you nasty.” Celestial harps transport you heavenward amongst the constellations while sweat, dirt, and hot breaths intermingle on the dancefloor. Why choose one woman when you can have the entire zodiac?