Alea releasing new album ‘Alborotá,’ playing NYC (watch a new video)

Colombian-born, Bronx-based artist Alea is releasing a new album, Alborotá, this week (pre-order). It pulls from a variety of Latin American styles of music including cumbia, porro, currulao and huapango, and it features contributions from Felipe Fournier, Luisa Bastidas, Jackie Coleman of Flor de Toloache, Sonia De Los Santos, Renee Goust, Elena Moon Park, Jaime Ospina, Miche Molina, George Sáenz, Juan Ruiz, Kika Parra, Franco Pinna, and co-producer/co-arranger Sinuhé Padilla Isunza.

Speaking about the title (which means "too much, too different, too sexual"), Alea said, "I was called an alborotada growing up by my family and friends because I was extremely driven by creativity and imagination. I fought hard to keep true to this nature, but this judgment took a toll on me as a I got older, and I started to believe that I was the problem. My body was the problem, my womanhood was the problem. I decided it was time to redefine this word, to give it a new meaning in my life and use it as a flag that represented being free, different, independent, out spoken, equal, feminist. I named the album Alborotá because it defines who I am now and what I wish to share with others, this inner fire of strength and overcoming difficulties that liberates you and celebrates you in every way."

Ahead of the album's release, we're premiering new song "No me apaga nadie" and its video. Here's what Alea tells us about it:

Of the song I have to say that it's my own mantra. My ritual, a reminder that I carry the fire within; that I am the fire itself and that is why even if others try to silence me, extinguish me or contain me, they can't. The choruses are the voices of all the women before me, my ancestors and the women who every day battle against chauvinism and machism; those patriarchal social practices that have ended in femicides. No me apaga nadie is a song to elevate, celebrate and remind us that we are not alone; I carry your fight in my lyrics.

The video was directed by Maria del Mar Rosario, and made by an extraordinary crew of Latinxs in New York including Pablo Monsalve, Laura Bustillos (Read full credits below!). It is the story of three women, each on a path of transformation and freedom, each one supporting the other, in the street and in dance. The choreography was made by Argelia Arreola, inspired by Guinean-style African dances and other Afro-Colombian and urban mestizo dances in resistance. We also have installations and pieces of art made with fabrics by Angélica Millan, a Colombian artist who was inspired by the thousands of transmutations we suffer from war, corruption and the patriarchy.

Watch the video below.

Alea also plays a NYC show at The Loft at City Winery on August 27 (tickets).

Song Credits:

Music & Lyrics by Alea Jiménez and Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza
Produced by Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza
Mastered by Luis F. Herrara at Masterhead Lab Mastering
Recorded at Jarana Records LLC
Leona, guitar and percussion by Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza
Drums by Franco Pinna
Trumpet by Jackie Coleman
Vocals by Sinuhé Padilla Isunza, Alea

Video Credits:

Original idea by Maria del Mar Rosario & Alea
Script and Direction by María del Mar Rosario
DP by Pablo Monsalve
2nd Camera and Production by Laura Bustillos
Editing by Elena Cedeño Gil and María del Mar Rosario
Color by Fernanda Vázquez Alcántara
Choreography and acting by Argelia Arreola
Acting and dance by Maricarmen Betancourt
Styling by Paulina Castro
MUA and Hair by Paula Salas Bloise
Braids by Mariana Diallo
Installations and Art by Angélica Millán
Sound Design by Luis F. Herrera
Special thanks to Diego Rodríguez, Amalia Mondragón, Ninel Mariano