Adam Sandler Confronts His Intergalactic Angst in New ‘Spaceman’ Trailer

Johan Renck’s upcoming sci-fi film will also star Carey Mulligan and Paul Dano

Once he was Cajun Man and Opera Man, now the Sandman, Adam Sandler, is the titular Spaceman in Johan Renck’s new sci-fi flick arriving on Netflix March 1.

In the movie, Sandler plays Jakub, an astronaut on a research mission at the far edges of the solar system, who is suddenly struck by the fear that his already rocky marriage to Carey Mulligan’s Lenka might not survive the strain and length of his intergalactic trip. During his travels, Jakub unexpectedly meets a strange spider-like creature named Hanuš (voiced by Paul Dano), who endeavors to help Jakub make sense of his relationship with Lenka and potentially fix it before it’s too late. 

A new “first look” teaser for Spaceman finds Jakub wading through a river in his spacesuit, while Hanuš ruminates about his own journey and how it led to this fateful encounter: “Just like you, I fled my planet. Through galaxies, through blackholes, through time, and then I find… you.” 


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Along with Sandler, Dano, and Mulligan, Spaceman will feature Kunal Nayyar, Lena Olin, with Isabella Rossellini. Spaceman is based on Jaroslav Kalfař 2017 novel, Spaceman of Bohemia, with a screenplay written by Colby Day. 

Spaceman finds Sandler dipping back into his dramatic bag for the first time since his 2022 basketball flick, Hustle. This year, he dropped a trio of characteristic comedies, including the animated film Leo, Murder Mystery 2 with Jennifer Aniston, and You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, which featured the entire Sandler mishpocha. Sandler is also reportedly working on new projects with previous collaborators Noah Baumbach and the Safdie Brothers