Actor from Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience hired by London Dungeon

The actor who played The Unknown at the infamous Willy Wonka-themed experienced in Glasgow has been offered a job at a major UK tourist attraction.

The viral experience, which was advertised as an immersive event based on the recent Timothée Chalamet movie, Wonka, went viral when it appeared to be a disappointment to many ticket holders.

At £35 a ticket, attendees were promised audio and visual effects, chocolate fountains and a totally interactive experience, but were instead presented with low-budget props, limited refreshments and an AI-generated script, all carried out in an abandoned warehouse.


The complaints made resulted in the event being closed on the same day it opened, and the ordeal has gone viral, with one particular element providing the most confusion.

A silver-faced, wigged character called The Unknown was a key part of the event, designed as an evil rival chocolatier living in the walls of Willy Wonka’s factory, and used to frighten guests at the Glasgow experience.


so excited to announce that i will be making a guest appearance as the unknown in @The London Dungeon on april 7th!! 🫶 next video i will be me showing off everything you wonderful people have sent me 🩷 #wonkaexperience #theunknown #willywonka #willywonkaexperience #willywonkatiktok #maskedman #therealunknown #theunknownactor #meme #feliciatheunknown #unknown #intotheunknown #fyp #foryoupage #whoistheunknown #unkowngirl #comedy #londondungeons #london

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The Unknown, which can be seen in viral videos appearing from behind a mirror, is not involved anywhere in the original Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl, nor is it featured in any of the subsequent movies made in the franchise.

However, with the event gaining so much popularity, and with many of the actors involved making the most of the fame, the actor who played The Unknown seems to have secured an exciting new job.

Felicia, 16, posted a video on TikTok earlier today where she announced that she will be making a guest appearance as The Unknown at London Dungeon on April 7.


She said: “I cannot wait to put my experience of scaring the children in Glasgow to good use in the London Dungeon.”

Felicia added: “And I cannot wait to take you guys along with me as I start the role this Easter. More to follow!”

According to Sky News, Felicia described her excitement around the offer: “I’m a huge fan of The Dungeons across the UK. I’ve visited many times as a guest, and I can’t quite believe I now get to be the one who’s scaring the public.”

She continued: “I’m hoping my recent scare experience will have set me up well for this role – and I cannot wait to meet and learn from the expert team at the London Dungeon as I’d love to be doing their job full-time one day.”

Meanwhile, Kirsty Paterson, who played an Oompa-Loompa at the experience, appeared on This Morning earlier this week, and is taking requests for personalised video and audio messages on Cameo.