ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus says the group may never appear in public together again

ABBA may never make another public appearance together ever again, says Bjorn Ulvaeus.

Earlier this month, the Swedish pop icons gather together for a rare public appearance, where they were honoured with the Royal Vasa Order, a Swedish knighthood. In a new chat on the Rosebud With Gyles Brandreth podcast, Ulvaeus revealed that it may have been their last.

Speaking on the honour, Ulvaeus revealed that he and his bandmates had quietly realised it might have been “the last occasion” that all four members would be out and about together. “We stood there quietly, accepting it out of the king’s hand and him saying a few words, it was a very quiet and very elegant ceremony. All four of us of course we there.”


When asked by host Gyles Brandreth if the group often meet each other, Ulvaeus replied: “In public very rarely, and Frida (Lyngstad) said to me afterwards, ‘This might be the last occasion.’ Very sad, and I thought about that afterwards, but we’re not getting any younger.”

Brandreth added, “Your colleagues sometimes say that, but they don’t necessarily mean it,” prompting Ulvaeus to remark: “I hope not, it’s very sad.”

Ulvaeus’ remarks come after the group spoke about their plans for the future of their virtual concert ABBA Voyage in a chat with NME last year. Once the show comes to an end in London in 2026, the group hope to bring ABBA Voyage to other parts of the world, including Asia, Australia, North America.


The last new music from band came on the 2021 accompanying ‘Voyage’ album containing the two recent singles ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’. Asked if there was a hope for more new music from the band to come, Ulvaeus said “No, ‘Voyage’ the album was the last you’ll ever hear from us” – but he did remain open to the idea of the band returning for more projects like the live show, making the most of new emerging technologies.

“There will be new exciting formats in the future that we know very little about right now,” he added. “AI, the metaverse, there are lots of interesting and exciting things happening creatively that ABBA might be involved in as well.”

Last month (May 27), Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson participated in a Q&A session on a night that celebrated the second anniversary of ABBA Voyage. The two ABBA members entertained the idea of the Voyage live band performing at Glastonbury. “Oh yes! It’s a brilliant idea,” said Ulvaeus.” They’re a great band, why shouldn’t they play?”


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Texas’ Sharleen Spiteri asked the duo if they’d ever considered getting up on stage to play with the band during a Voyage show, to which Andersson replied: “Definitely. Maybe if they play Glastonbury and need an extra piano player…”

ABBA Voyage continues into 2026. Visit here for tickets and more information.