has an incredibly busy schedule but even then, he finds time to torment his adversaries on social media. And that’s when they don’t owe him money. and Fif have had an ongoing feud over the years that doesn’t seem like it’ll fizzle out any time soon. Seeing as Fif’s locked inside of the house for weeks to come, he revisited his feud with 

50 Cent Savagely Reacts To Floyd Mayweather's "Smart Investments"
 Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The feds are watching but according to Fif, Floyd . During Mayweather’s Live, the boxer showed out with stacks in his hand while explaining why the recession won’t necessarily impact his pockets like it will other celebrities. “I made smart investments,” he began. “That’s why, right now, with this huge epidemic, with this huge s*** going on. All this crazy stuff going on, my investments are still paying off,” he added while flashing stacks and stacks of cash.

Of course, Fif hit the ‘Gram where he shared an edited video of the clip and roasted him for showing all that money on his Instagram Live. “ain’t nobody around to tell him not to say that,” Fif captioned the photo. This is, of course, the same IG Live when Floyd Mayweather also bragged about not paying taxes to Antonio Brown. Check out Fif’s post below.