217Vinci’s New Track “Memories” Holds a Powerfully Relatable Feel

American singer-songwriter, rapper and recording artist 217Vinci release the powerful new number “Memories,” after having released “Hottest In My City,” “Extended Ft Baby Hot,” “Thinking” and “Navy Blue,” in 2022. Inspired by Drake, Lil Durk and Meek Mill, he boasts a musical palette rarely accessible to most modern artists who usually focus on one strong skill. But 217Vinci has a diverse arsenal of talents that allow him to brilliantly rap and sing, thus creating songs that hold many contrasts, with the latest example being the addictive “Memories.” 

His calm and controlled flow is the main tool he uses to tell stories that are shared through a clear lyrical prowess, and are often extremely inspiring. Far from being a superficial artist who simply follows trends, 217Vinci is a deep and humble person, two qualities that impactfully translate into his music, giving it a powerfully relatable feel.