Fans are hyped to watch classic R&B groups collide on Verzuz this upcoming Monday (May 25), but there may be a couple of members missing. Hoping to encourage people to stay home and safe this Memorial Day, Verzuz bosses and have announced that a battle is going down between two R&B favorites: . However, we’ve previously reported on the, and it seems that the case is preventing two of the four group members from making an appearance on Verzuz.

112 Members Daron Jones & Q Parker Will Not Participate In Jagged Edge "Verzuz"
Isaac Brekken / Stringer / Getty Images

According to Daron Jones, he nor Q Parker will be participating in the upcoming Instagram Live series. The singer wrote an open letter to fans and supporters where he thanked everyone for the love. ” of your heart and souls you have poured into our careers,” Daron wrote. “But unfortunately we will not be participating in the upcoming Verzuz with due to an ongoing legal issue that is not settled.”

He added that. “In due time, you will receive the true narrative,” Daron continued. “Until then, we love you and thank you again for your continued support.” Read his message in full below.