11 New Songs Out Today

So many artists, so many songs, so little time. Each week we review a handful of new albums (of all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie,” and talk about what metal is coming out. We post music news, track premieres, and more all day. We update a playlist weekly of some of our current favorite tracks. Here’s a daily roundup with a bunch of interesting, newly released songs in one place.


Vancouver duo Lightning Dust have announced new album Nostalgia Killer which is out June 9 via Western Vinyl. “‘Run’ is about the determination to keep moving forward and loving hard,” says the band’s Amber Webber of the album’s first single. “To convey this, I highlighted my favorite aspects of the city of Vancouver, with some of my favorite humans as characters (Juliana Moore, Joshua Anderson, Adrian Mciness, Chris Haslam). I chose to use rats because Vancouver’s got a special kinda grit to it that I think a city rat embodies perfectly. With the chugging movement of the song, rats on skateboards were a no brainer – plus it’s so fun! Much like the feelings I felt at the time of writing the song, I was lost, with little faith left. Like the rat, estranged from her pack and forced to adventure on her own. Similar to my own story, with the help of a new friendship, the lost rat is reunited and reconciled with her old world.”


Manchester greats A Certain Ratio release new album 1982 this week and here’s one last sneak preview before the whole thing drops. “Holy Smoke” pays tribute to James Brown, Chaka Khan, Prince and other masters of old school funk.


Nick Waterhouse says of this new song, “The party is on the third floor: all the hallways are dingy and the steps’ runner threadbare. You hear the music blaring through the walls from the stairwell corridor. Behind a decayed blue door it’s all the same faces as the last long barroom you’d passed through. The same words, the same patterns, the same concerns. They’ve played out on screens almost as much as they’ve hung like smoke in these leather and denim realities. Heavy, hairy heads hanging down to hear words from slouching corner bound figures… Tune in, like a radio antennae, to the din of the room, the chatter and the laughter and the poses, the murmur and rumble of dingy apartment rooms crammed full of these hanger-outers. The double bass turns everything slow motion and descends, the hard hand of the drummer pushes his stick into his ride cymbal in time with the snare.. a bell tolls with the lowest piano hammer of your mind.” New album The Fooler is out, appropriately, April 1 via Innovative Leisure.


Eyes of Others, aka Edinburgh musician John Bryden, will release his self-titled debut album on May 19 via Heavenly. “Big Companies, Large Tentacles” is a throbbing electronic track, part techno, part carnival. “A while ago I visited Sigmund Freud’s old house. I stared at his couch in his study for a good five minutes. I thought of all the twisted souls who would take up there as he went about his psychoanalysis and excavations of the mind. ‘Big Companies, Large Tentacles’ is an ode to a turbulent session on Freud’s couch. Where words are not enough, overwhelmed by emotions and dust particles permeating the psyche, it is something to be purged and tossed into an acid bath with a sort of gay abandon.”


British producer Leon Vynehall has shared “Rosebud,” the first track off a two-song 12″ EP coming on May 12 via Studio Ooze. “Rosebud” is club-ready, with heavy disco influence and a distinct ’90s house feel.


“This song is a combination of both my inner demons and some experiences that shook me emotionally,” Johanna Samuels said of new single “Ugly On The Inside.” “I can’t control the fact that unkind self-talk, thoughts and fears always have the capacity to emerge. This was the beginning of me learning to surrender to all of it and let it pass through and make space for quiet and joy. In many ways, it’s a song about owning yourself and coming into your own power.” Read more about it here.


UK dance duo Jungle will release a new album, Volcano, on August 11 via Caiola Records / AWAL. The album features contributions from Channel Tres, Roots Manuva, and more. The first single is the bouncy, fun “Candle Flame” featuring Erick the Architect and comes with a very entertaining video.


Meg Duffy has announced a new Hand Habits record, Sugar the Bruise, which will be out June 16 via Fat Possum. (It’s their first for the label after records on Saddle Creek and Woodsist.) The album was made with Luke Temple (Here We Go Magic, Art Feynman) and this is the first single.


Tyler, the Creator will release a deluxe edition of his excellent Call Me If You Get Lost this Friday (3/31) via Columbia and this is one of the new tracks. More info here.


Wicca Phase Springs Eternal–aka former Tigers Jaw member and Gothboiclique co-founder Adam McIlwee–has announced a new self-titled album, due June 2 via Run For Cover. The record features Darcy Baylis, Uniform’s Ben Greenberg, and Zola Jesus on one song. This is not that song but it is the first single. More info here.


South Korean shoegaze musician Parannoul is releasing a live album of his first-ever concert, which includes this 46-minute version of 2022 single “Into the Endless Night.” More info here.

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