White Rapper G-Eazy Arrested for Assault & Cocaine Possession In Sweden, Was Partying With Sean Kingston

G-Eazy has some explaining to do. The white rapper (we’re stressing this because you know damn well this would be a bigger story if he was Black) was arrested for assault and cocaine possession in Sweden.

Allegedly, G-Eazy got pinched after allegedly trying to fade security and getting caught with the yayo.

Reports TMZ:

Sources familiar with the situation tell us the rapper was partying in a club after his show Wednesday in Stockholm and was acting belligerent. We’re told several security guards approached him, asking him to calm down, but G-Eazy started to throw punches … striking one guard in the face several times.

We’re told he was detained by police, who allegedly discovered cocaine in the rapper’s pocket.

Our sources say he was taken into custody on suspicion assault, possession narcotics and use narcotics. We’re told he’s still in custody.

Several videos taken inside the club show G-Eazy partying with friends — including girlfriend Halsey and rapper Sean Kingston — and handing out shots.

Wait, he was partying with Sean Kingston? No wonder he caught an L.

Sorry, that was just too easy to pass up.

Photo: Borgata