How humiliating must it have been for to watch his special guest — who was seriously special — get booed off stage by his legion of supporters? At the Camp Flog Gnaw Festival this weekend, one surprise performer was clouded in mystery until their set-time, prompting fans to rush over to that stage to witness who would be popping on. Given his recent musical activity and his connection to the Odd clique, many expected to be the shock appearance but . .

The artistic presence took to social media to inform his fans that he’s not currently very satisfied with how they reacted to ‘s show at Camp Flog Gnaw. Previously telling his audience that the stunt was “NOT COOL DAWG,” Tyler changed his bio to let everybody know that he expects better next time. “Embarrassed by fans right now,” reads the rapper’s description on the social medium.

. Do you think Tyler has a right to be a little peeved with his fans right now?

Tyler, The Creator Changes Twitter Bio To Reflect How "Embarrassed" He Is Of Fans