. certainly has a type. Whenever the young man is spotted out with a romantic partner, there’s a good chance she has a look similar to that of his famous ex-girlfriend. T-Raw may have been involved with Kylie Jenner several years ago but their relationship is still fresh in everybody’s minds. Of course, is Ky’s most recent ex-beau but .  and the first thing people are noticing is how the woman he’s getting cozy with looks a lot like Kylie… again.

Tyga Makes Out With Kylie Jenner Lookalike In "Mamacita" Promo
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Pointed out by DJ Akademiks and other hip-hop fans, it looks like Tyga is back on his Kylie Klone train. After being spotted with the real deal weeks ago, he’s returned to another Jenner lookalike on Instagram, making out with the model in a photo that serves as promotion for his Mamacita Of The Dead party. 

Of course, there are those who state that the woman doesn’t even resemble Kylie. Fans are only getting a side angle of her so it’s pretty unclear for now. Still, his comments are filled with trolls bringing up the similarities.

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