Twitter Fries Kanye West For Supporting Conservative Pundit Candace Owens

Kanye West‘s return to Twitter was celebrated by fans who missed his presence online, but now some those same supporters are probably hoping he’ll go away again. After tweeting out Saturday a supportive message for conservative pundit Candace Owens,  Black Twitter has been raging to the point Owens’ name began trending.

“I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” West tweeted early Saturday morning (April 21), getting a big response from the right-wing MAGA crew who saw this as an epic cosign their ideals. But that was soon met with backlash as some in the Black Twitter space have highlighted that Owens has used her platform to express anti-Black and homophobic views. Owens herself responded to Yeezy’s tweet, stating that she wants him to “wake up the Black community.”

We’ve collected some the responses, although it’s pretty clear this is one those classic Kanye moments where he says his first thought and leaves it open to interpretation. Let us know what you thought the tweet in our comments section if time permits.

Photo: Getty