Tupac Rape Accuser Details Trial & Teary Apology [VIDEO]

The particulars behind Tupac’s sexual assault case continue to be a hot topic. His accuser has given further insight on the court proceedings in a new video.

In the sixth installment her VladTV interview, Ayana Jackson reveals that she did not attend most the trial due to death threats.

When Vlad presents her with Pac’s defense, Jackson admitted this was the first time she was made aware his legal team’s strategy. “This is news to me because I never heard their defense. As a victim rape, I was brought in, state my testimony, and I was whisked out. So, I was never privy to all this. So actually, what you’re telling me is new to me.”

Ayanna also revealed that Shakur did fer an apology for what happened to her but still maintained his innocence no wrongdoing saying “I am not apologizing for a crime. I hope in time you’ll come forth and tell the truth. I am innocent”. She viewed his statement as a “catch 22”.

“The apology was they he knew what he was doing and he knew that lured me there. Maybe the influence around him made him feel] he could not intervene” she explained. Tupac was eventually found guilty three counts sexual abuse and sentenced to 1½–4½ years in prison.

You can view her interview segment in full where she also discusses  Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant and how the other man accused rape “Trevor” was never apprehended.

Via HipHopDX

Photo: WENN.com