Tristan Thompson Alleged Side Pieces Make IG Pages Private, Internet Still Forever

Tristan Thompson probably wants to take the longest trip out town right about now. The Cleveland Cavaliers big man seems to be caught up in the side thot struggle with the women he’s allegedly connected with locking down their Instagram pages with the utmost swiftness.

Over the weekend, eyewitnesses caught Thompson and curvaceous IG model and/or bartender Lani Blair walking into a hotel and spending the night with one another. But things escalated after the woman at the center an alleged sex tape, IG model Ms. Stephanie, posted images, texts, and videos claiming to be connected to Thompson and even pregnant as well by him. It has since come out that Ms. Stephanie was a troll out for fame trying to cash in on the moment but had her page shut down as well.

Now that we’ve covered about all we know about this still-developing scandal, we’ve found all the photos on social media we could find the women before they decided to get ghost and duck the verbal fade. Check out Lani Blair and Ms. Stepanie below and on the following pages.

Photo: Getty