Trey Songz Sued By Police Officer Over Assault Charge

Back in December 2016, Trey Songz decided to live the rock and roll lifestyle for a bit, and ended up getting in big trouble for it. As he was performing at the fourth annual “Big Show at the Joe” concert in Detroit, Songz got extremely upset after his set was cut short. He ended up throwing equipment f the stage and getting into a fist fight with an ficer, leading to his arrest. 

While Songz eventually plead guilty the two charges assaulting an ficer and aggravated assault, he only ended up having to serve 18 months probation. However, it seems the past doesn’t want to let Trey Songz go, as he is reportedly being sued for assault by the same police ficer that he hit back in 2016. 

According to TMZ, Sgt. Robert Avery was working crowd control at the event when Songz started his meltdown, throwing a mic stand f the stage and hitting a photographer, who is also suing Trey Songz as well. When Avery tried to arrest Songz, he got struck in the face, falling down and hitting the concrete. He claims he suffered visible bruising and swelling in his right temple, a cut on his forehead, and a busted lip. 

The incident in Detroit happened almost a year-and-a-half ago now, but not all things go away in time, especially if you’re a wealthy celebrity prime for a fat settlement check. Maybe Songz can get f the hook with this like he did his recent domestic violence case.