Above all else, is a total rager. The rapper loves to go on adventures, turning up with his crew and showing off his fun-loving side on social media. This week has been an exciting one for the superstar as he’s stuck in Italy with his in-laws and his girlfriend () for her twenty-second birthday.  and when La Flame wanted a dip in the water, he decided to get in the daredevil way: by jumping off the edge of the boat.

We’re sure the captain of the ship advised against this type of behavior but Travis Scott is Travis Scott and he does what he wants. He shared a video of himself jumping off the side of the yacht into the beautiful Italian water as a woman swam in the ocean beneath him. For extra dramatization, Trav edited the clip to make it slow motion, giving the viewer a close-up look into his fall from grace. “Ya n***a can never,” he captioned the post, proving that he’s more of a risk-taker than the majority of his followers. 

It’s a good thing he wasn’t wearing a pair of diamond earrings because we all know how that would have turned out. Just ask his sister-in-law , who famously weeped after losing her jewels in the ocean many years ago.