Travie McCoy Unrecognizable Following Struggles With Heroin Addiction

Addiction can be the most difficult disease to overcome. A constant mental struggle, the withdrawal can ten be too much for people to overcome, leading them to reach for stronger prescriptions and fast-acting relief. For some that have struggled with pain medicine, heroin is the extreme and, with exceedingly addictive properties, it can absolutely ruin one’s life. Speaking candidly about his struggles with addiction in the past, former Gym Class Heroes member Travie McCoy is sporting a much different look than he did in his prime, possibly because his drug use. In photos recovered by Bossip, the star looks nothing like he did a few years ago.

Travie McCoy’s most notable single is the Bruno Mars-featured “Billionaire” and, since its 2010 release, the rapper has been through a lot. After tearing his ACL, Travie was prescribed oxycontin by his doctors for the pain and after suffering withdrawals from the drug, he went on to struggle with heroin addiction. While he maintained last year that he had overcome the drug, the Gym Class Heroes frontman looks noticeably different than he did from a few years back. In fan photos uncovered by the publication, Travie’s skin looks to have taken much the heroin’s effects. 

The 36-year-old appears to be taking better care his health now as he continues to recover from his addiction. Check out the photo below his transformation.