Top 5 Hottest New Hip Hop Tracks

2018 is shaping up to be a good year for music, and with the start of a new month, comes a slew of noteworthy releases. Here are five tracks you have to listen to right now, if you haven’t already.


Bobby Feeno – Gawd

Bobby Feeno (AKA Arian Foster) is an NFL star-turned hip-hop artist whose diverse array of talents is showcased on his debut Flamingo & Koval, released on the 26th of April. Skeptics of an athlete’s foray into music just have to give the track “Gawd” a listen, a highlight from the album that demonstrates Feeno’s impressive rhyme and flow.


Karim Tanoé – Eros Murmur

Every week, Karim Tanoé releases a new consecutive track off of his upcoming mixtape The Next Step. This unconventional way of releasing maximizes listening pleasure, by leaving ample time for the listener to fully take in every track. His newest release “Eros Murmur” is the third track off of his mixtape, which documents battle between the realist and the dreamer. The catchy dance beat, accompanied by some deeply reflective and introspective lyrics make this track the best one yet – stay tuned for next week’s release.


Mila J – Run Forrest

2018 is Mila J’s year. She’s come a long way since appearing in Prince’s video for “Diamonds and Pearls” at the age of 9. Most recently, she has been releasing a new mixtape every month of the current year, with April 2018 dropping a couple of days ago. The opening track “Run Forrest” features some memorable harmonies set to a catchy beat that sets the tone for the rest of the mixtape. The track manages to reference the film Forrest Gump, while being an ode to the yearning of a past romantic relationship.


P-Lo – Woke

P-Lo of The HBK Gang released the track “Woke” last week. Upon its release, he stated that “If someone ever slept on you in the past, you gotta make sure they woke”, which is the subject matter of the song, delivered with impeccable rhymes. There are no details as to whether more music is to come in the near future, but if it’s anything like this track we sure hope there’s more to come.


YFN Lucci – Pay Attention

YFN Lucci is a 27-year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Last week saw the release his third EP entitled See No Evil. Ralo makes an appearance on the opening track “Pay Attention”, who’s melody is sure to catch your attention. The track feels very personal and is the highlight of the 4-track EP.