Avant-garde entertainer Tierra Whack has been quickly rising in the music industry. Her eccentric tastes and musical abilities are seasoned beyond her 23-year-old age. She’s not your typical hip hop artist, as she’s displayed on social media, live performances, and music videos, but her cult-like following continues to grow as she develops as an artist.

Unlike other hip hop artists who can’t get enough of their all-designer-everything, Tierra is more concerned with “I don’t really care who the designer is,” she told PAPER. “If it looks cool I want it.”She recently partnered with an up-and-coming Philly-based makeup artist and costume designer named Aunt Tot to create many of her ‘fits. “A friend introduced me to her when I was trying to get my makeup done. Then I saw she also made outfits so I was like, ‘Wait! You know how to sew?’ I started giving her all and she was doing them and we just [clicked].”

As she’s collaborated with Aunt Tot for her costumes, Whack said she wants to. However, that isn’t something that comes naturally.  “I’m so independent and I’m such a loner,” she said. “But I realize the bigger I get, the more sh*t I go through [and] I do need people. So I’m learning how to love. I’m a hardass, tough love, but I’m learning to be more soft. I tell everybody I love them. I lost so many people last year.” It’ll be interesting to see who Whack creates music within the upcoming year. There are certainly some  who can match her vibe and create magic.