Tekashi 6ix9ine Claims Chief Keef & Lil Reese Aren't Living What They Rap About

Over the weekend, 6ix9ine released his single, “TATI” with DJ SpinKing. Surprisingly, the days leading up to it’s release, he didn’t spark any beef or fire shots at anyone in order to have a successful single. Shortly afterwards, it seems as if his beef with Chicago rappers have kicked f, once again. 6ix9ine hit Instagram to call out Chief Keef and Lil Reese and essentially said that they aren’t living the same things they’re rapping about.

6ix9ine made it back to the ‘Gram to call out Chief Keef and Lil Reese shortly after he announced that he didn’t have to spark beef to sell records. The rapper was in New Jersey with his Tr3yway homies as well as Cuban Doll sitting next to him.

“Nobody give a fuck about what y’all n*ggas did three years a go.” he said, “What y’all did four years a go, three years a go, live in y’all raps, y’all don’t do. I know that personally.”

He continued to call them out for not doing anything to him despite the threats before naming Reese and Chief Keef.

“Fuck Chief Keef. Fuck Lil Reese. Fuck all them n*ggas. Fuck y’all n*ggas talkin’ about?” He said, “I bet y’all n*ggas won’t] pull up to New Jersey now. Jersey ain’t even my city but my brothers out here, you heard me.”

Shortly after, he posted another FaceTime conversation with Tadoe. 6ix9ine continued to ask where Tadoe is so they can presumably settle everything face to face.

Check the videos below.