Teens Are Reportedly Using Boiled Tampon Juice To Get Drunk

We reside in an age the place unusual human beings took to consuming laundry detergent pods, then made the damaging and life-threatening act a viral development. As if that wasn’t weird sufficient, it appears that we’re additionally inhabiting a planet the place individuals make the acutely aware resolution to create feel-good concoctions utilizing female hygiene merchandise.

In a latest report by the New York Post, it has been revealed that a variety of teenagers in Indonesia have been amassing tampons and menstrual pads for the aim of repurposing them to behave as low-cost substitutes to alcohol and celebration medication. Some of the female hygiene merchandise utilized by the aforementioned group have already been worn by menstruating girls —an element that evidently doesn’t repel followers of this different. The teenagers are stated to realize a sense of ecstasy after imbibing a mix derived boiling the female hygiene merchandise, then permitting them cool.

The National Narcotics Agency in Indonesia has introduced that the chlorine used to sanitize menstrual merchandise is what causes the teenagers to really feel tipsy and induces hallucinations, in addition to a sense of “flying.” Local police have said that they’ve already arrested a number of minors caught making the damaging combination.