Tech N9ne Airs Out Woman On Instagram Who Tried To Billie Jean Him

Kansas City, MO – A woman claiming Tech N9ne is her newborn baby’s father prompted the Strange Music, Inc. mastermind to take action on social media.

On Thursday (May 17), Tech revealed the woman slid into his girl’s DMs on Instagram and claimed the rapper was paying her to stay quiet about the child. But — as he notes in the caption — the kid is not his son, a reference to Michael Jackson’s 1982 iconic smash hit “Billie Jean.”

“Bitches say Alot ill shit to my chick in her DM to try and darken our everlasting light but yesterday an unknown bitch sent a pic a new born baby sayin I was PAYING her to keep it quiet and she was tired hiding a baby boy that was supposed to be mine!” he wrote. “HAAAAA its a lot things I’ve been in my past but NOT NARE NONE OF EM, was a sucka or a deadbeat!

“I got 3 kids bitch and they aint kids no mo! Demons don’t wanna see us shine but there’s no ONE, that can separate myself and @krizieluv but us 2! We Live for Love Light and Laughter! You evil doers should try and do the same or LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE! Peace! Lol #BUTTHEKIDISNOTMYSON Thank you MJ.”

Tech, who released his latest album Planet earlier this month, is busy with his next venture in the craft beer realm. On June 15, the Kansas City, Missouri native will unveil his collaboration with Boulevard Brewing called Bou Lou, which was inspired by his 2006 Everready (The Religion) cut “Caribou Lou.”

Tech was previously married to Lecoya LeJeune for 22 years. Although the couple reportedly separated in 2005, their divorce wasn’t finalized until last year. They have two grown children, so child support wasn’t part the settlement but LeJune will receive roughly $5,555 a month for the next five years in alimony.

Take it from the King Pop, “remember to always think twice.”