Talib Kweli Accused Of Holding Back Singer For Allegedly Rejecting His Sexual Advances

Talib Kweli and his former groupmate Res engaged in a war words on Twitter, finally coming to a close four hours ago. The Singer, formerly signed to Kweli’s imprint Javotti Media. The Twitter spat began with the singer threatening to unmask her former mentor for “taking her career hostage.” The singer claims their communication had broken and Talib Kweli stopped answering altogether, with her album seemingly ready for release. Res tried to bait him into a public argument, but Talib Kweli remained in the shadows until very late. What came to light is that Talib Kweli had reportedly gone silent after slapping her with a “breach contract” lawsuit in 2013. 

Res claims Talib Kweli could have simply called her and sorted out their contractual issues. She stated that unlike his relationship with Kanye West, which was strictly business-like, they were friends and needn’t resort to e-mail exchanges to get their point across. Res eventually made her accusations public, saying that Talib Kweli “leaves his female artists in the dust if he can’t sleep with them.”

Talib Kweli eventually responded after the two hours with his own subjective analysis the situation, pointing to the fact her allegations were already dismissed in the court law. Shortly after he spoke his piece, Res blocked him from responding to her claims, and the verbal spat has since capsized. Her album Reset remains unreleased after alternately fishing for support f the back an Indiegogo campaign which brought in a startling $39,000. It’s quite obvious something in their relationship went amiss, either business or personal?