Sunken Tweets: Kanye West Calls Charlamagne The New Oprah, Explains Firing Management

UPDATE: Yeezy is Team MAGA.

Kanye West is a business, man. In his latest tweet storm, Yeezy explains why he got rid both his managers (Scooter Braun was just the latest), aims shots at TMZ and The Shaderoom, praises Charlamagne, and makes some questionable claims about being the highest paid man in sneakers, amongst other social media randomness. 

Where do we begin?

Okay, it starts with Yeezy explaining he’s no one’s “client.” So he dropped his management, and lawyer, and picked up a fulltime CEO and a CFO.

That is an admittedly boss move. We hope they last.

Then he parlayed his tweets into info about the business YEEZY, his brand collab with adidas, at times.

Wait, what? Hey, Yeezy has always been his biggest hypbeast. Anyway…

Mind you, Kanye West has been promising cheaper prices for his Yeezy kicks and gear for years. But that hasn’t happened.

Then, the Shaderoom, TMZ and People all caught the Twitter chopper spray.

You’ll have to hit the flip for the Sunken Place tweets. You can’t say Kanye West isn’t self-aware.

And Yeezy really, really likes Charlamagne now.

Photo: adidas