Spotted: Hot New Singer Neela Premieres Debut Single “Tripped Up”

Electro-pop singer Neela is one of the stand-out acts to watch out for this year. As a multi-form artist, Neela quickly became involved with the Toronto Arts community upon moving to the city and was instantly spotted by renowned producer Beatchild, who is known internationally for his collaborations with A-list celebrities. Electro-pop singer, dancer and performer Neela carries an attitude and style worthy of distinction. Singing about confused feelings over dramatic chords in her new single Tripped Up, Neela shares her own story to which we all can relate in a way or another. ‘Tripped Up‘ is the first release off Neela’s forthcoming EP, Lovers in Danger and it is a late-night dancefloor track with Neela’s lustful and soft vocals heard over a pulsating and penetrative beat.


Stream the hit single below and follow Neela on Instagram for all that is yet to come.