SPOTLIGHT: Yuno Verse – Walls Of White

Indie singer/songwriter Yuno Verse has partnered up with Paya and together they’ve delivered crafty visuals for his track, “Walls Of White.” Throughout his life, the talented artist has allowed his voice and passion to become one allowing the soundscape to unfold beautifully and really pull us in. There’s something so real, so honest and so bittersweet about the way the song flows from one note to the next really letting the lyrics tell a story. We can’t help but feel invested in the tale being told and to really feel the pain, the heartache and the hope for something more once the sun decides to appear once more. The track is a gentle yet real reflection of the hits and misses that at times appear in our quest for a passion filled life.

Stream Yuno’s latest gem on Spotify and check out the music video down below.