came into 2019 strong but to quote , he got “lost in the sauce.” He was getting the mainstream shine off of his viral antics which somehow . Unfortunately, he was hit with a over a probation violation. He was released  but he hasn’t shown face, surprisingly. And then yesterday, it was reported that his mother filed a missing person report to the LAPD.

CEO Money Mike of SODMG shut down rumors that he’s missing, and addressed why no one has seen him. Posting a video with Soulja Boy’s first public appearance, he explained that the rapper has been trying to center himself since his release in July. He’s remained low key but he has gained some weight since his incarceration.

“He’s just moving different & tryna stay out of the way & trouble,” Money Mike wrote on the post before revealing that he’ll return to the Breakfast Club for his interview since his release. Soulja Boy will then be able to explain why he’s been staying low key for the past few months.

As “the biggest comeback” resumes, the rapper also has new music in the works and a documentary called This Can’t Be Real. Oh, and apparently