Sonny Digital Drops New Songs ''Keep It Real,'' ''Love My Plug'' –

Sonny Digital's new EP, Woke You Up, was supposed to drop over the weekend, but instead the Atlanta beat maker drops f two new tracks, the solo record "Keep It Real" and "Love My Plug" featuring frequent collaborator, Black Boe.

Produced by C-Note, "Keep It Real" knocks but has a mellower, almost spiritual trap vibe. "Let you keep it real/'Cause you ain't keep it real/Tell me what's the deal/I ain't tell nobody but I'm 'bout to sign a deal," he raps.

Sonny and B. Wheezy share production duties on "Love My Plug," which slaps harder and finds the Atlanta producer and his partner boasting about how on point their supplier is.

The Atlanta beat maker continues his transition into being a serious rapper after years crafting bangers for the likes Future, iLoveMakonnen, 50 Cent, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and more. He dropped the solo EP, G.O.A.T., in 2016 and followed that up last year with the Black Boe collab project, Black Goat.

"It just makes sense to rap] now," Sonny told XXL picking up the mic. "I’m at a point, I be messing with a lot new artists and it started like that and it popped f. It just makes sense now. I know how to record, I know how to make beats, I know how to rap. I just keep be stuck in the box just for producing for everybody. I want to have some type control what I do musically."

Listen to Sonny Digital's new tracks "Keep It Real" and "Love My Plug" below.