Snoop Dogg Helps Set A World Record For The World's Largest Gin & Juice

Unless you’ve only ever listened to rappers who were born in this millennium, chances are you know what the connection is between Snoop Dogg and a Gin and Juice cocktail. The song was Snoop’s second single f his debut album, Doggystyle, all the way back in 1994.

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg decided to help take his love the mixed drink to the next level, by assisting in the production a world record-breaking gin and juice cocktail.

The event took place at the Bottlerock 2018 music festival in Napa Valley, California. The festival places a great emphasis on the food as well as the music, so Snoop was assisted by some incredibly talented chefs.

Snoop posted a picture his achievement on Instagram today. He’s seen, standing next to a massive glass gin and juice that’s so tall he has to reach above his head in order to stir it. Another picture shows Snoop, crouching next to the massive drink, holding up his plaque commemorating his beating the Guinness World Record for largest cocktail.

While he wasn’t pictured in any the photos, longtime Snoop collaborator Warren G was also present at the event, and even has his name included on the certificate as well.

Making a big cocktail is all well and good, but should it really count as breaking the world record if you don’t drink the thing after? Not only it a waste perfectly good gin, but all you’d need to do is get a bigger glass next time to break it again.

Check out footage from the event below: