Snoop Dogg Calls Out Kanye “MAGA” West On Instagram

In a week that saw some Hip-Hop’s biggest names criticize Kanye West for going full “Make America Great Again” and even suggesting that slavery was a choice (slavery!), Snoop Dogg has decided to throw his two cents into the matter.

Taking to IG to slander Yeezy for his apparent transracial aspirations, the Hip-Hop OG (who used a dead Donald Trump for an album cover) posted a picture Kanye West that was photoshopped to make the controversial rapper many, many, many shades lighter.

On the low a white Kanye does kinda seems like someone that would be working in Trump’s administration too. Just saying.

No one knows for sure what’s behind Kanye’s sudden love fest with Donald Trump with theories from him having mental problems to simply just completely selling out for the sake acceptance, what is certain is that Kanye is completely oblivious to Donald Trump’s racially driven politics.

And while this may hurt Kanye’s feelings at least Snoop didn’t call for Crips to give Kanye a universal on sight like his cuzo Daz.

Photo: Getty