Robby Vee Releases His Latest Effort Entitled Double Spin

Robby Vee returns with his most stylish collection of Neo-Rockabilly ballads and groovy anthems yet in new album Double Spin. In eleven hot tracks, including the dynamic “Buzz”, the powerful slow songs “Before Majesty” and “Monsoon Sunset”, and the swinging “Wanna Dance”, Robby Vee seduces us with striking ease in this musical prowess, one of his most well-rounded albums so far.

His incomparable vocal skills paired with a perfectly balanced choice and chronology of songs result in a phenomenal track-list, displaying Robby Vee’s agile and versatile artistry to the fullest.

Unlike a lot of other artists in the Rockabilly scene, he isn’t afraid of experimenting with sonic textures and soundscapes, and as a result, listeners will be treated to some of the most engaging material that Rockabilly has heard in quite some time.

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