Princess Nokia & Timbaland Collaborate On "Erase The Hate – Official Anthem"

Princess Nokia is already well known as someone who stands up to hate. She was filmed in a viral video last year slapping and pouring soup on a man who repeatedly yelled “n***a” at a group of teenagers. In the video, she throws a take-out container of yellow soup at him and yells “get out!”

Nokia is continuing her hot streak of good deeds in a new video for Erase The Hate, an organization started by NBC Universal, which aims to counter the viral online spread of hate with what “Change Makers” (like Princess Nokia and Timbaland), who they describe as “individuals and organizations taking a proactive approach to countering hate and creating inclusivity.” The “Official Anthem” of Erase The Hate is rapped by Princess Nokia and produced by Timbaland:

Visit Erase The Hate’s website here, or read their mission statement below: