If someone is going to challenge ‘s beer pong skills, they better come correct. The Beerbongs & Bentleys artist was supposed to conclude his Runaway Tour on Wednesday at The Forum in Los Angeles, . However, as this leg of the tour is a wrap, with his supporting act, Tyla Yaweh, over a game of beer pong.

Things take a bit of a turn when you just happen to have a few stacks to spare, so Post and Tyla decided to place a friendly bet. With $50K on the line, challenge go down up-close-and-personal including the likes of , , Billy Idol, and Niall Horan.

TMZ reports that the game was a close one, but in the end, Post was crowned as the champion. Tyla reportedly made good on his bet immediately and paid up CashApp. “My business manager probably hate me right now, but fuck it!!” Tyla wrote in the caption of a screenshot of his transaction. “Posty hit me for 50k on 🍻 pong last night, guess I can bless y’all too!! 407 ORLANDO FAEVER 🦄💕.”