It seems like no other sandwich in the history of fast food has ever stirred up as much drama as the Popeyes chicken sandwich. In a video on Inside Edition that was taken by a customer at the Colony, Texas location of the food chain, a young child can be seen wearing a Popeyes apron and helping with the preparation of the chicken sandwiches. The boy, who is the son of one of the Popeyes employees, is no more than four feet tall and believed to be about eight years old. This is completely illegal, as it is against federal and state laws for a minor to be performing labour in this kind of position, and the child’s father was promptly fired from Popeyes.

Popeyes Chaos Continues: Employee Fired For Using Son To Help Make SandwichesERIC BARADAT/AFP Getty Images

This odd occurrence is only one of many other outrageous events that have transpired since the now-infamous chicken sandwich was put back on the menu. After debuting this past summer and rapidly gaining traction due to some that the chain started with other fast food companies like Chic-fil-A, the chicken sandwich  just a few weeks later. It made its grand return as a permanent menu item earlier this month, though, and the craziness has only increased since.  in Prince George’s County the day after the chicken sandwich’s return, and less than a week later,  in Columbia, Tennessee. The demand for this fast food item is clearly driving customers crazy and stretching workers thin, which might explain why an employee resorted to bringing his child in to help with the orders in the first place. Here’s hoping the calamity settles down soon.