Pajama Struggle Jam: Earn Catches A Brutal Fade & Takes An L, ‘Atlanta’ FX Twitter Reacts

The L’s just keep on coming for team Paper Boi, Robbin’ Season is no joke in Atlanta. Last week we saw Al struggle with the cost fame and he got held at gunpoint for the second time.

In season 2’s ninth episode, “North The Border” it’s Earn who took the massive L thanks to his bad decisions.


Paper Boi is clearly thinking differently after his botched “date” and his stroll through the woods. Earn is now on a short leash, but he has no idea though. He is still team Paper Boi and sets his cousin up to perform at a free show called Pajama Jam (shoutout to House Party 2)  at a college in Statesboro in hopes a landing a bigger payday.

Al, course, isn’t here for the idea working for free but Earn tells Al “If you want this money, we need this college fan base” as well as dangling a potential spot on a spring concert with $60,000 payout.

Simple gig right? Yeah right, this is Earn we are talking about here. Everything comes with some sort stipulation when Earn plans something. The struggle manager reveals that no hotel accommodations are being provided. Instead, they will be staying at a fans house name Violet whom also happens to be organizing the event at the expense using Paper Boi.

That leash just got a tad bit shorter for Earn. Before they hit the road, our favorite parolee, Tracy does his best brother man from the 5th-floor impersonation and decides he wants to go with the gang despite his situation.

Earn is entirely against the idea but when Tracy volunteers to take on the role security Paper Boi makes the final call and tells him to come along.

They arrive at their destination, and we can ficially start the clock counting down till the exact moment when sh*t hits the fan. We meet Violet, and she seems cool till her and Paper Boi head into her bedroom. She immediately lets her intentions be known that she wants to hook up with rapper and that’s all fine and well. They lay down on the bed, and she starts to tell Al about a dream she had about them where he was a crane, and herself as a crocodile, and she devours him.

Ummm yeah, it also doesn’t help that there are footprints strangely located on her ceiling. Earn’s job is ficially in danger at this point.

We arrive at the night the Pajama Jam, and everything seems fine. Paper Boi and the squad minus Tracy sporting silk pajamas (a dope homage to TLC) had a successful show. A fan approaches Al to tell him about the paper she wrote on him, little does he know his roommate is not here for it and pours her drink on him.

Earn does his best to diffuse the situation without incident but their security guard Tracy decides to matters into his own hands. He confronts Violet’s crazy ass and pushes her downstairs, but Earn is there to catch her.

This is where the L’s start rolling in at a record pace for Earn. Violet thanks him for catching her by slapping the hell out him and running f to get her brother and his friends.

Earn puts on his manager hat and tries to de-escalate the situation but guess who makes it worse again? Yup Tracy. The bootleg security guard comes out nowhere and knocks out Violet’s brother giving the crew time to make their escape.

They manage to evade their pursuers, and Paper Boi really needs some weed at this point to calm his nerves. Luckily for them, marijuana is to Darius like scooby snacks are to Scooby Doo. His nose picks up the scent some sticky-icky, and it leads him to a bunch white frat boys getting high. It’s not an Atlanta episode if things don’t get weird and boy do they ever. Once inside the frat house, they are flanked by a confederate flag and a bunch white pledges butt-naked with burlap sacks on their heads.

Of course one the frat members is a Paper Boi fan and even shares his love for snap music and D4L’s hit record “Laffy Taffy.” We also get a performance from the naked pledges as they are instructed to dance to the song when it’s cued up on the frat members phone.

Darius and Tracy walk f to go see the redneck frat members gun collection, and it’s Al and Earn alone on the couch to reflect on their crazy ass night.Earn puts all the blame on Tracy and rightfully so but Al feels otherwise this is the exact moment we find out that Earn has run out chances and Paper Boi fires him.

The gang makes their way back to Violet’s crib, they find Paper Boi’s whip vandalized, and their belongings on the lawn chopped up. Darius was very impressed with her craftsmanship in dicing up a pair his sneakers.

Earn entirely loses it for the first time when he finds out his laptop is missing and tries to kick down the door he fails miserably in his attempt though.

They grab their destroyed belongings and take f and head back to their hood. It’s during the ride back home where Earn finally reaches his breaking point with Tracy.

Earn has lost his job, his laptop and Tracy dares to jokingly point a relic gun he stole at him. Earn wants that fade and he tells Paper Boi to pull the car over so he and Tracy can shoot the fair one.

Now to be fair to Tracy, he warned Earn but it was ignored, and he gives him the hands. Earn has to ride home now jobless, laptopless and his face looking like Martin’s after he got his ass whooped by Tommy Hearns.

Poor Earn, another victim Robbin’ Season. For more reactions to Earn getting that smoke from Tracy and the episode hit the flip.

Photo: Atlanta FX