Onyx Drop ''I’ma F**kin Rockstar,'' Prep ‘Black Rock’ Album –

The slam boys are back. Today (Jan. 30), Onyx unleashes their new song "I'ma Fuckin Rockstar," a Skyzoo-assisted cut that marks the group's return to the rap game while trumpeting the impending release Black Rock, their explosive new album.

Featuring a hard-hitting instrumental, the new track finds Fredro Starr, who, along with Sticky Fingaz makes up the 2018 iteration the famed rap group, dropping with the grimy bars we all know and love.

"We keep it 100 real, ficial how we deal/We could bang pistols all night if it feel/Reclining in the black GT, I hate to see me shining/Black started with rockstar, we DB-9ining," Starr spits on the track, before fering to "put a price on your head like a New York fitted."

For his part, Skyzoo pulls up with a calmer flow and equally deft rhyme schemes. As was the case with Fredro, it's what we expected.

"I mean somebody should've told ’em, fly enough to float with/They talking top 10, I'm lining up a slogan," he begins on the track.

"I'ma Fuckin Rockstar" is the first single from Black Rock, an album Fredro says was inspired by a cut Onyx did back in the 1990s. "The inspiration for the album came from the song 'Judgement Night' we did for the Judgment Night movie soundtrack, hip-hop meets rock and roll!" Fredro tells XXL. 

What made he and Sticky decide to link with Skyzoo? Apparently, it was a simple case game recognizing game.

"We linked with Skyzoo after we heard the song 'Bamboo' on his Peddler Themes EP; he was basically paying homage to my] character in the movie Strapped," Fredro reveals. "The next day we reached out, 'I'ma Fuckin Rockstar' was a perfect fit for Skyzoo!" he continued. "People can expect boom-bap mixed with guitars, but it's what people wont expect that makes this album dope!"

Black Rock, which is produced by Onyx themselves and 18-year-old Slovenian producer, Kid AC, will incorporate the clique's hardcore vocals, typically thumping drums and guitar riffs to help them live up to the album's name. Black Rock drops on Fri., Feb. 16.

Listen to "I'ma Fuckin Rockstar" below, and pre-order Black Rock on iTunes now.

Onyx's Black Rock Tracklist

1. "Onyx!!"
2. "Black Rock" feat. DJ Nelson
3. "What U Want From Me"
4. "Blinded By The Light" feat. Optimus
5. "I’ma Fuckin Rockstar" feat. Skyzoo
6. "Lighters Intro"
7. "Lighters"
8. "Greatest Day" feat. Optimus
9. "O.D." feat. R.A. The Rugged Man
10."Love Is A Gun"
11."Point Em Out"
12."Chasing The Devil" feat. Optimus, Sickflow, Snak The Ripper