Nico Cartosio Delivers Vivid Visuals For “Cocaine March” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Nico Cartosio – a composer, pianist – has delivered some vivid visuals for his impressive composition “Cocaine March”.  Like a lucid dream, the neo-romantic artist seems to have lived through the piece, born from a revelation he had in the Negev Desert, while he was on a trip to Israel.

The music of Nico Cartosio may defy definition; you could call it classical, neo-romantic and you’d be almost right each time.

What we are certain of is that his fans want more of it.

He has become best known for his poignant compositions such as “Snow Above The Earth” which has a little more than 3 million watchers on YouTube.

Mixing gently pulsating rhythms with fiery crescendos to create an aura of slightly perturbed calm only to reach an explosive climax seconds later. A master at translating into music almost everything and everyone that crosses his path, Nico seems to be on the rise as a bright modern day composers. We’re told he has an album in the works and collaborated with Gaving Greenaway and a line up of all stars for Cocaine March.

Follow Nico Cartosio on gram and check him out on Spotify. Peep the video below: