Nicki Minaj Says A "Very Important Person" Called "Queen" Her Best Album

Nicki Minaj has been playing her new album for a few lucky people, according to a recent tweet from the rapper. When asked by a fan which her four studio albums, including the forthcoming Queen, was her favorite, Nicki revealed, rather unsurprisingly, that the unreleased material is her best yet. “Queen. W/o a shadow a fkng doubt,” she wrote. More interestingly, she said that an unnamed “very important person” felt exactly the same way, and in fact, “many ppl” who have heard it were compelled to call it their favorite.

So who is this “very important person?” While it could be a close friend or family member in Nicki’s life, her decision to share it so cryptically makes it seem as if fans may know this person well. Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé all come to mind as those who may have been granted an advance listen. But for now, all we can do is guess. 

Nicki also revealed on Twitter that the first and second track on the upcoming album are her favorites at this moment. She’s expected to debut a new track tonight during her slot as musical guest on Saturday Night Live. According to Nicki, there was originally a plan in place to make an announcement regarding tour dates or an album cover during the show, but unfortunately, it will not be happening for reasons beyond her control. Queen is due out June 15th.