Nicki Minaj Goes Ghost On Social Media, Fans Are Flipping Out

Nicki Minaj has used social media during the course her career to great effect, even using her platforms to interact up close with her fans. However, the rapper and entertainer has taken a leave absence from Twitter and Instagram which has her massive base supporters a little worried.

A quick look at Nicki Minaj’s Twitter and Instagram accounts show that the rapper hasn’t tweeted since Dec. 26, or posted since Dec. 30 respectively. 2017 seemed to be a flurry activity for Minaj, and the promise new music was on the horizon. There was also a budding romance with fellow Queens rapper Nas that seemingly has fallen by the wayside.

There’s even a website created by fans called Finding Nicki, which is a live time counter how long Minaj has been silent online.

It could be safely assumed that Minaj is choosing to lay low while she crafts her next music fering or just simply taking a break although her activity up until that point was rather high. We’re rooting for the best outcome either way.

Check out some the fan reaction to Nicki Minaj’s social media hiatus below and on the following pages.