Nicki Minaj Defends Normani At VMAs: Posts Up To Tiffany Haddish

This year’s edition of the MTV VMAs was hosted by Tiffany Haddish. The comedienne is known for her boisterous character and her lack of filter when it comes to dishing out dirt. The night was set up for a least some form of minute drama. Of course, there was Madonna’s ego taking center stage during her tribute to Aretha Franklin, but there was also some throwing of shade.

Tifanny Haddish fixed her lips to take a shot at Fifth Harmony while acknowledging the number of nominations Camila Cabello earned. She insinuated that the “Havana” singer had enough nods for each member of her former girl group.

Haddish kept going between laughs while the crowd reacted.

When Nicki Minaj came onstage to accept her own award, she put the host in check. 

She made sure Tifanny knew the Queen didn’t cancel her by saying, “No. I love you.”